Before you decide that a Scottie is the dog for you, please take the time to find out more about the breed.

The Scottish Terrier is a sporting dog; he is a terrier through and through. As the Breed Standard says “A Scottish Terrier is a sturdy, thick-set dog of suitable size to go to ground, placed on short legs, alert in carriage and suggestive of real power and activity in a small compass….. with keen intelligent eyes and sharp prick ears the dog looks willing to go anywhere and do anything.” He is has all the traits of a large dog in a small compass.

He has so many different characteristics, he is loving, yet can be aloof, wise with a strong sense of understanding in all that goes on around him. He is not a yappy dog, only barking when it is necessary, he can also be very obstinate, with a mind of his own, but most of all he is a faithful and loyal companion to those he cares for.

The Scottish Terrier coat grows thick and profuse and requires regular grooming. His coat should be trimmed at least every two months to keep him in the correct shape and brushed twice a week to keep his coat free from knots and tangles.

Always buy your puppy from a reputable Breeder. Details of litters currently available can be found on the puppy list. This is a good place to start your search for a puppy. Please be careful of newspaper adverts – although many are OK, some are puppy farmers who care little about the health of their litters.